Impact of Mobile Accessories and Gadgets

Mobile accessories and gadgets are becoming very common day by day as people are more into showing off things rather actually using it. Mobile accessories not only just beautify our mobile phones but also protect it from damage (sometimes). Similarly, gadgets also make our day to day life easy like first we have to have […]

Mobile Phones’ Harmful Effects and Measures to Reduce it.

Technology is growing at a rapid pace which is a positive sign for development but it has its own side effects like mental disorder, pollution and many more. Mobile phones or cellular phones are the major part of our lives which is proving to be adverse for our health and many people are facing health […]

Importance of Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle.

As we know that today struggle to achieve anything in life is very difficult. In the path to achieving our goals and aim, we forget the most important thing that is our health and our fitness.We are just struggling to achieve success and taking our health and body for granted, by doing this we are […]

Samsung Galaxy Fit

Recently Samsung gave us a surprise by introducing its new band Samsung Galaxy Fit which measures our day to day courses like heart rate, steps walked, distance walked and much more.It is one of the finest product by Samsung and has set a benchmark for its quality at this price bracket. Previously Samsung also released […]

Consumer Equilibrium using Cardinal Approach

Consumer equilibrium is the situation where a consumer gets maximum utility/satisfaction at prevailing prices in the market. Following is the consumer equilibrium using cardinal utility approach which means the consumer can measure his/her satisfaction in numbers. Cardinal utility approach divides consumer equilibrium in 2 cases: One commodity case Two commodity case One Commodity Case(Consumer Equilibrium) […]

Hudson Lane ‘s Top Cafes and Restraurant

Hudson Lane is the most loved spot by almost every Delhiite who is foodoholic as it provides a wide range of cafes and restaurants which serve you amazingly tempting and delicious food. Hudson Lane is the place where you can enjoy any kind of food be it Italian or Chinese without costing you much. Thousands […]