Mobile Phones’ Harmful Effects and Measures to Reduce it.

Technology is growing at a rapid pace which is a positive sign for development but it has its own side effects like mental disorder, pollution and many more. Mobile phones or cellular phones are the major part of our lives which is proving to be adverse for our health and many people are facing health issues like back pain, weak eyesight and so on but  we people are so addictive to mobile phone that  we oversee these hard effects and keep using  it knowing its after circumstances.
So here I just mentioned the illness caused by mobile phones and have also stated some safety measures to reduce these effects. :

Radiation ( from Tower to Mobile phones)

It is the most harmful effect of using mobile phones as these are harmful rays emitted by the mobile phone which can affect the heart rate, growth of brain especially in case of kids, mental disorder, brain tumour, skin diseases and many more. It not only affects human being but also birds as radiation between mobile phone and tower are transmitted through the air which affects the birds most. Recently while testing 5G Internet Technology in the Netherlands, hundreds of birds died because of the high frequencies of radiation emitted by the mobile tower.

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These radiations cannot be eliminated but we can take measures to prevent these radiations by keeping mobile phones at a safer distance. Like:

  • Use earphones while talking on phones.
  • Keep the phone in a distant place while sleeping.
  • Try not to use mobile phones when then the battery is below 15% as radiations grow 10 times.
  • Keep the mobile phone on flight mode if the alarm has to be set.

Ultra Violet Light (UV)

UV is the rays emitted by mobile phone display which harm our eyes and skin particularly. UV rays can cause premature ageing of the skin and can cause the cornea (on the front of the eye) to become inflamed and burned. Other harmful effects are wrinkles, leathery skin, liver spots, actinic, lead to cataract formation (clouding of the eye lens) and pterygium (tissue growth on the surface of the eye).
To avoid UV rays, you can do the following:

  • Keep the phone at a distance from the eye.
  • Use UV Protection Lenses for those who wear spectacles.
  • Use blue light filter feature in mobile phones or it can be downloaded from Play Store or Apple Store.
  • Avoid using phones before bed or in dim lighting.
  • Buy a UV Protection Tempered Glass for the phone’s display.
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Mobile phones make people addicted to itself as it provides various sources of entertainment like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and so on. But this addiction leads to laziness as people spend several hours surfing on these social media apps and play games which is not benefitting any user, they just do it for entertainment and pleasure. Also, many people have a habit of using mobile phones before their sleep while lying on the bed, this is a very serious issue as it not only hampers your eyes but the area between both the shoulder gets unused or get num or starting paining which is not a good sign of physical health. Due to this, many people have observed with back pain and they can’t work properly or they get tired or lazy very soon.
There are some tips to avoid tiredness:

  • Exercise on regular basis, not proper gym just stretching of body parts as this will help in muscle movement and helps in pain-relief
  • At least try to walk for 15 minutes a day. For Example- Walk after dinner
  • Don’t use the phone in the first and last hour of the day
  • Drink more water (3+ litres)

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