Hudson Lane ‘s Top Cafes and Restraurant

Hudson Lane is the most loved spot by almost every Delhiite who is foodoholic as it provides a wide range of cafes and restaurants which serve you amazingly tempting and delicious food. Hudson Lane is the place where you can enjoy any kind of food be it Italian or Chinese without costing you much. Thousands of people, mainly college students, visit Hudson Lane daily as it is budget-friendly with impeccable quality and taste.

So here are the few restaurants & cafes which are top inline :

Chalte Firte Momos

Chalte Firte Momos is the restaurant which does not stop its hand in making your food delicious and mouth-watering. This is the cheapest and loveliest place I have ever visited as their staff is too friendly with the customers. Also, they do not compromise with the food quality and in their services.

  • Ambience: Nice ambience, low lighting
  • Price: 300/- for two (approx.)
  • Quality: 9/10
  • Must-Try: Peri Peri Pasta, Tandoori Platter, Peri Peri Pizza

Spezia Bistro

Spezia Bistro is one of the best food providers in the Hudson Lane as food has impeccable quality and their service is way too fast. Because of high food quality everyone wants to visit this place due to which it gets crowded you may have to wait for like 15 mins but they will make sure after 15 mins your hunger and taste buds are fully satisfied.

  •  Ambience: Good ambience, low lighting
  • Price: 800/- for two (approx.)
  • Quality: 9.5/10
  • Must-Try: Drums Of Heaven, Chilli Potato, Mix Sauce Pasta

Indus Flavour

Indus flavour, the family restaurant,  in Hudson Lane gives you wide choices of North Indian and Chinese dishes to choose from. They believe in serving high-quality food at minimal prices and also have a different menu with reduced prices for college going students if you show them your id. And to them, every customer is their family member so they serve you a complimentary welcome drink, an Aam Panna shot which has a great combination of Raw Mango and Spices.

  • Ambience: Average Ambience, Lighting is good
  • Price: 700/- for two (approx.)
  • Quality: 8.5/10
  • Must-Try: Malai Tandoori Momos, Dahi Ke Sholey, Paneer Trio

Mama’s Boui

Mama’s Boui is one of the best cafes in Hudson Lane for birthday parties (above 18), friends get together etc., moreover for a casual gathering. With great quality food, they have a tremendous music system, so you can show your moves over there. The staff is well organised with super fast service. Their Hookahs are lit combined with both mocktails and cocktails.

  • Ambience: Ambience is nice, Dim Lighting
  • Price: 1000/- for two (approx.)
  • Quality: 9/10
  • Must-Try: Malai Tandoori Momos, Dahi Ke Sholey, Paneer Trio

Cafeteria & Co.

Cafeteria & co is one of the best cafes in Hudson Lane with casual dining and with a wide range of delicious choices with the perfect seating. Continental and Mexican is their cup of tea and you can taste that in their food. The friendly and cordial staff make sure that everything moves smoothly and is worth your time. Food and Mocktails served here are insta-worthy as their presentation is just amazing.

  • Ambience: Classy ambience, Amazing Lighting
  • Price: 1000/- for two (approx.)
  • Quality: 9.5/10
  • Must-Try: Fajita Fries, Marilyn Monroe burger, Peri Peri Pasta


Cantino Cafe is of the one most peace cafe you’ll ever visit with mouth-watering food, live music and perfect dining. They just don’t serve food; they make love to their dishes as their food has set a benchmark for all the cafes and restaurants in Hudson Lane. It also provides you with a bar, so you can enjoy some cocktails with your tastilious food.

  •  Ambience: Cozy ambience, Amazing Lighting
  • Price: 900/- for two (approx.)
  • Quality: 9/10
  • Must-Try: All Pastas and Pizza, Peri Peri Chicken, Chilli Chicken


Sambookas is a casual dining restaurant with super amazing food. The quality and quantity of dishes served here are just perfect. The staff too is very friendly and serve your choices in the minimum time possible. They don’t serve alcohol products so you can visit this place with your family too.

  • Ambience: Friendly Ambience
  • Price: 900/- for two (approx.)
  • Quality: 9/10
  • Must-Try: Churros, Pizza, Ferrero Rocher Shake

Hudson café

Hudson cafe the most amazing and popular cafe in Hudson Lane. Many YouTubers have also visited this place for their video shoots. As this place has a great combination of environment and food which you like every time you visit this place. The staff is also cordial and chefs are super talented as this talent can be tasted in their dishes.

  • Ambience: Amazing Ambience
  • Price: 950/- for two (approx.)
  • Quality: 9/10
  • Must-Try: Pizza, Berry Delight, Peri Peri Chicken Wings